IIoT Made Easy

  • October 31, 2022
  • Digi-Key Electronics
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IIoT Made Easy
IIoT Made Easy

Banner’s DXMR90 Series Industrial Controller consolidates data from multiple connections to provide local data processing as well as accessibility for host systems as a platform for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). The DXMR90 contains individual Modbus Clients allowing for concurrent communication to up to five independent serial networks. Data is collected into the controller to facilitate edge processing. With the DXMR90, actionable data can be sent to Cloud platforms such as Banner CDS. The data can also be sent directly to a PLC, SCADA or HMI, via Ethernet IP. Modbus TCP or Profinet. The DXMR90 enables you to make better data driven decisions.

Signal converters

Break free from protocol limitations with S15C In-Line Converters. S15C converters take various types of signals such as discrete, analog, and others and convert these signals to smart protocols like IO-Link or Modbus. This makes it easy to incorporate existing legacy sensors into standard protocols to enable process monitoring. They are designed to connect directly to a sensor, indicator, or other device and begin operating immediately, fitting seamlessly into your factory applications.

M12 cables

Quick-disconnect cables allow sensors and others devices to be installed and replaced quickly and are available in both single-ended and double-ended models. QD cables provide easy hookup of AC, DC and AC/DC powered devices. For added versatility, splitter cables and field wireable connectors are also available.

Smart sensors

传感器能监测和诊断系统quickly, which reduces downtime, increases productivity, and provides data to optimize your operation.

Signal adapters

S15A In-Line Wiring Adapters are small, plug-in accessories designed to connect directly to a sensor, indicator, or other device to redirect wiring for any function, operation, or utilization. They fit seamlessly into your factory applications and begin operating immediately.

Wireless networks

Serial Data Radios are compact industrial, low-power wireless communication devices used to extend the range of serial communication networks. Serial data radios allow you to wirelessly send data from a remote cluster of sensors back to a controller.

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